Digital Millennium Copyright Act

DMCA Report

Android River is a marketplace of RTL android application and game templates , Here we’re providing a service that makes LTR android source templates to RTL with a content translation from other languages to persian.
AndroidRiver itself’s dose not own of any products that has been published or will be published in future. All of products has been sent or will be sent to us by other users.
So, If you’re author of any products in the Android River marketplace and you wish to be removed from the market and you’re sure you have enough documents that will proof your claim without any doubts, just follow these steps :

  • Go to product page that you want to report it and click on ” ارسال گزارش ” button that you will see at the right side of the page

Or :

  • Go to the Contact page
  • Send your valid claim proof documents to support department by Email or Opening a ticket

Make your coffe ☕ in peace, You can be sure we’ll contact you as soon as possible after your report reviewed.

Android River Support Department